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Lost In Paris (Paris pieds nus)

Belgian performer Dominique Abel and his Australian wife Fiona Gordon collaborate for the fourth time as co-writers and directors on a winning and frequently hilarious love story set against the ravishing backdrop of the French capital. Fiona (Gordon) is a mild-mannered librarian growing up in a snowy Canadian village, who sticks out next to the other residents. She yearns for adventure and is given a nudge in the right direction by her beloved 88-year-old aunt Martha (Emmanuelle Riva), who beckons Fiona to visit her in Paris. It's an urgent missive - fate is conspiring to put Martha in a retirement home - so Fiona buys a ticket to Europe and arrives full of excitement and wonder. An impromptu photograph opportunity in front of the Eiffel Tower culminates in Fiona taking a tumble into the river Seine and losing both her bright red knapsack and passport. Thankfully, her possessions are picked up by a homeless man called Dom (Abel) and he fortuitously meets Fiona, and literally sweeps her off her feet for a dance sequence that lights the fuse on the misfits' courtship.