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A 40th anniversary rerelease of William Friedkin's psychological thriller, adapted from Georges Arnaud's novel Le Salaire De La Peur, which was overlooked on its original release in all of the buzz surrounding Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. A remote village in Latin America is rocked by the explosion from an oil well. The only way to stop the deluge is to use dynamite but the nearest explosives are located 200 miles away in a remote depot. Crucially, poor storage conditions have destabilised the nitroglycerin in the dynamite so transporting the explosives from the depot to the oil well is a suicide mission. Four men with shady pasts - Jackie (Roy Scheider), Kassem (Amidou), Nilo (Francisco Rabal) and Victor (Bruno Cremer) - agree to drive the dynamite across perilous terrain, in trucks crudely assembled from spare parts.