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Ferrari: Race to Immortality

In 2017, the popular motor racing brand Ferrari celebrates its 70th anniversary. To herald this milestone, sports film-maker Daryl Goodrich directs a turbo-charged documentary, which screeches back in time to the 1950s when Enzo Ferrari, patriarch of the racing empire, was boldly pushing boundaries in terms of the speeds that cars could achieve in the pursuit of glory. Combining archive footage from the era, Ferrari: Race To Immortality contrasts the friendship of drivers Peter Collins and Mike Hawthorn with the harsh reality of one of deadliest decades in motor racing history. Drivers were always pushing themselves and their vehicles to the limit, one wrong turn away from death, and the documentary pays tribute to the human ingenuity behind the machinery as well as some of the most popular figures of the brand including Eugenio Castellotti, Luigi Musso and Alfonso de Portago.