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The Prince of Nothingwood

Documentary film-maker Sonia Kronlund, who has been focusing her lens on the atrocities in Afghanistan for more than two decades, finds a glimmer of hope amidst the rubble with this life-affirming portrait of one man, who is bringing joy to the masses in a time of bitter conflict. Salim Shaheen is an actor, producer and director with more than 110 film credits to his name over the past 30 years. This self-anointed "Prince of Nothingwood" smuggles his low-budget pictures into communities around Afghanistan and delights locals with B-Movie efforts full of creativity and invention. Kronlund's film goes behind the scenes of Shaheen's conveyor belt of projects and celebrates one man's unstinting defiance of threats from the Taliban. The documentary also chronicles Shaheen's growing popularity as a beacon of hope in a time of fierce oppression.