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Antonio Santini and Dan Sickles' award-winning documentary proves that love is blind to prejudice and preconceptions in a world of conformity. Dina Buno is 48-years-old and is on the autism spectrum. Her first husband died from cancer and she has lived alone for more than 20 years, emerging from a subsequent abusive relationship with a desire to find another man to be part of her life. Unexpectedly, she meets supermarket worker Scott Levin, who is also on the autism spectrum. He lives with his parents and is uncomfortable broaching the subject of sex. The connection between Dina and Scott propels the couple towards marriage. To test their compatibility, they agree to live together in Dina's house, relying on each other to overcome the various obstacles that litter their paths. The film captures potential conflicts and tenderness between Dina and Scott, including her education of him in the art of sexual pleasure, which forces Scott outside of his comfort zone.