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The Party

Director Sally Potter (Orlando) hosts the house party from hell in this black and white satire of contemporary social mores, which unfolds in real time and runs to a crisp 71 minutes. Janet (Kristin Scott Thomas) is thrilled with her promotion to Minister of Health in the Shadow Cabinet and she hosts a celebratory soiree at the plush home she shares with her downtrodden husband, Bill (Timothy Spall). He seems preoccupied as various waspish and acid-tongued friends arrive, including April (Patricia Clarkson), Gottfried (Bruno Ganz), Jinny (Emily Mortimer), Martha (Cherry Jones) and Tim (Cillian Murphy). Each guest has an important piece of news to share with the assembled throng. When Bill makes his own unexpected announcement, the powder keg of emotions explodes with devastating consequences. Good manners go out of the window along with a few burnt canapes and Janet struggles to maintain her cool, calm facade.