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6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain

Based on an incredible true story, 6 Below is a survival thriller directed by Scott Waugh, which traces one emotionally scarred man's battle with his demons in the frozen wasteland of the High Sierra back country. Former professional ice-hockey player Eric LeMarque (Josh Hartnett) is arrested after a traffic accident. He was intoxicated behind the wheel and his life continues to spiral out of control as he wrestles with methamphetamine addiction. Eric's despairing mother Susan (Mira Sorvino) loses patience with her son and they become estranged. He heads to a cabin close to the mountains where he hopes to replace the buzz of his narcotics with the adrenaline rush of snowboarding. Eric ignores warnings of an incoming storm to head up the mountain. As he sets off down the slopes for his final run, Eric decides to venture off piste and he becomes hopelessly lost as the weather closes in. No one knows his location and he cannot get any signal on his mobile phone. Alone in the wilderness, at the mercy of the elements and a pack of ravenous wolves, Eric must face his fears to survive the sub-zero temperatures.