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Lu Over The Wall

A teenage boy, who struggles to express his emotions, must find his voice to save his community from disaster in a charming Japanese animated drama written and directed by Masaaki Yuasa. The film centres on 14-year-old Kai (voiced by Shota Simoda), who is forced to leave behind his beloved Tokyo following his parents' divorce. The boy moves with his father to the quiet fishing village of Hinashi Town, where his grandfather makes parasols. In this remote community, Kai retreats into his shell. The only time he finds any joy is when he is uploading his self-penned music to the internet. Classmates Kunio (Soma Saito) and Yuho (Minako Kotobuki) are impressed by Kai's musicality and they invite him to join their band. The teenage trio heads to the peace and quiet of Merfolk Island to practise and in this idyll, Kai encounters a mermaid girl called Lu (Kanon Tani). For centuries, residents of Hinashi Town have believed that mermaids bring disaster to their shores. However, Kai is charmed by Lu's sweetness and innocence, and they forge a touching friendship. When the predictions of doom appear to come true, Kai must rage against ancient tradition to protect Lu and save Hinashi Town from self-destruction.