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The Exception

Acclaimed British stage director David Leveaux makes his feature film debut with a wartime romance adapted from Alan Judd's fictional novel The Kaiser's Last Kiss. The story centres on Captain Stefan Brandt (Jai Courtney), who has been tasked with guarding the exiled Kaiser Wilhelm II (Christopher Plummer) and his wife Princess Hermine (Janet McTeer). Following the First World War, the Kaiser has been banished to a fortress in Holland because he is a potential assassination target. Far from the epicentre of power in Berlin, the Kaiser openly criticises the Nazis while Stefan is bored of babysitting the old man in a foreign land. Romance blossoms between Stefan and one of the Kaiser's maids, Mieke (Lily James), who has concealed her Jewish heritage. Raging passion trumps the Captain's allegiance to the Nazi party and he keeps Mieke's secret. However, an informant within the Kaiser's household jeopardises the safety of the master. Consequently, Heinrich Himmler (Eddie Marsan) arrives unannounced in Holland to root out conspirators and Stefan must decide if he is willing to die to protect Mieke.