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Thirty-something singleton Daphne (Emily Beecham) is embedded in the ebb and flow of London life as a cook in a restaurant run by Joe (Tom Vaughan-Lawlor). She enjoys flirting with her married boss and also entertains romantic overtures from a handsome nightclub bouncer called David (Nathaniel Martello-White). Outside of the bedroom, she relaxes with philosophy books and struggles to connect to her mother Rita (Geraldine James), who has embraced Buddhism and mindfulness as a balm for the noise and stress of modern life. During a day like any other, Daphne witnesses a brutal stabbing and in that instant, her carefree attitude crumbles to dust. Her emotions go into a tailspin and she seeks solace in the bottle. As Daphne's mental state deteriorates, she is forced to re-evaluate her priorities and gains greater clarity about the people that truly enrich her existence.