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On Body And Soul

After a prolonged hiatus from the big screen, award-winning Hungarian writer-director Ildiko Enyedi returns with a drama that unfolds partly in the subconscious of the lead characters. Endre (Geza Morcsanyi) is the financial director of an abattoir, who is immediately attracted to the facility's new quality inspector, Maria (Alexandra Borbely). His clumsy attempts at romantic overtures are rebuffed by Maria, who is painfully shy. Each night, the two co-workers return home on their own and, unknowingly, experience the same dream about two deer huddling together in a snow-laden landscape. Back at the abattoir, Endre and Maria take part in staff assessments run by the company's psychiatrist, Klara (Reka Tenki). She is intrigued to discover that two members of her hard-working staff are experiencing exactly the same vision. This revelation sows seeds of curiosity for Endre and Maria and they begin to wonder if there is some unspoken connection between them that should be explored.