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In The Last Days Of The City (Akher ayam el madina)

Shot in 2009 before the Arab Spring, Egyptian writer-director Tamer El-Said's debut feature is a valentine to Cairo and the shifting sands and politics of his homeland, told through the eyes of a fictional filmmaker, Khalid (Khalid Abdalla), who lives in downtown Cairo. He is in the process of moving apartments while trying to make a documentary that captures life in the city. The endless footage doesn't seem to be leading anywhere and Khalid's editor (Islam Kamal) becomes concerned about the direction of the project. Meanwhile, Khalid's estate agent (Mohamed Gaber) struggles to find his client a suitable apartment at the very same time that Khalid's mother (Zeinab Mostafa) is in hospital. Adding to the filmmaker's woes, the love of his life, Laila (Laila Samy), is about to leave him and Egypt for good. Emotions spiral out of control as Khalid contemplates loneliness, loss and separation through the lens of his camera.