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Kills On Wheels

Writer-director Attila Till challenges preconceptions about physical disability in his darkly comical coming of age story, which opens at a care facility where Barba (Adam Fekete) and Zoli (Zoltan Fenyvesi) are roommates. The two men use wheelchairs because of cerebral palsy and spinal problems respectively but refuse to let their conditions control their lives. They are excitable collaborators on a lovingly illustrated graphic novel and art appears to imitate life when Barba and Zoli encounter paraplegic former firefighter Rupaszov (Szabolcs Thuroczy), who has reinvented himself as a hit man for a Serbian crime lord called Rados (Dusan Vitanovic). Rupaszov recruits Barba and Zoli as unlikely accomplices on a series of missions, which include winning back the heart of his old flame (Lidia Danis), who is poised to walk down the aisle with another man. As they become immersed in the criminal underworld, Barba and Zoli discover courage and determination to become the heroes of their own lives.