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Patryk Vega directs a gritty Polish thriller set in and around a busy hospital, where patients and staff become entangled in each other's personal lives. Beata (Agnieszka Dygant) is a doctor, who always operates under the strict guidelines of the hospital director (Janusz Chabior). When she loses her husband in a motorcycle crash, the only way to numb her grief is by stealing strong painkillers from the pharmacy. In the process, Beata meets hospital orderly called Marek (Sebastian Fabijanski), who is also haunted by demons. Meanwhile, ambulance workers Daniela (Olga Boladz) and Darek (Tomasz Oswiecinski) tend to patients side by side until she accepts a new position at a pharmaceutical company. Daniela glimpses her country's healthcare system from a new and chilling perspective.