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The Vault

A bank robbery takes a chilling supernatural twist in director Dan Bush's horror thriller. Sisters Leah (Francesca Eastwood) and Vee (Taryn Manning) plot a heist with their cash-strapped brother Michael (Scott Haze) to solve their financial woes. While one of the girls applies for a job as a teller, Michael and two associates pose as firemen, who enter the bank to check the premises are secure while an inferno rages down the street. The robbery unfolds as planned but the siblings discover that the branch only has around 70,000 US dollars, which isn't enough money. Thankfully, one of the bank's employees, Ed (James Franco), reveals the existence of a second secret vault in the basement containing millions of dollars. Greed overrides common sense and the siblings neglect to ask why no-one ventures into the basement vault. As soon as the robbers enters, they unleash an ancient malevolent force that turns the criminals against each other with horrific and bloody consequences. As the body count rises, Leah, Vee and Michael realise that a prison sentence is the least of their worries.