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A ghost from the past haunts a middle-aged father in Benedict Andrews' taut drama, adapted by David Harrower from his acclaimed stage play, Blackbird. Una (Rooney Mara) walks calmly into a factory and stands in front of foreman Pete (Ben Mendelssohn). Tension crackles between the couple and Pete ushers the visitor into a staff room where Una confronts the man - real name Ray Brooks - who seduced her at the age of 13-years-old, and served four years in jail for his crime before vanishing completely from her life. Pete is terrified that Una will expose his true identity to his suspicious co-workers including Scott (Riz Ahmed). He manoeuvres her around the building while being called into various meetings about impending staff layoffs. Later that evening, Una seduces Scott in order to gain an invite to a soiree that Pete and his wife Yvonne (Natasha Little) are hosting at their home.