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Moon Dogs

Michael (Jack Parry-Jones) fails his A-levels after an ill-fated excursion with his stepbrother Thor (Christy O'Donnell) and is told he must resit the year while his girlfriend Suzy (Kate Bracken) heads off to university. A series of video calls between the sweethearts reveals that absence makes Suzy's heart grow fond for her fellow students so Michael heads off to Glasgow for a showdown with his girlfriend. Thor agrees to accompany him in the hope that he can locate his biological mother (Shauna Macdonald) in Glasgow, behind the back of his doting father Maurice (Jamie Sives). In order to make money for the journey from Shetland to Glasgow, the siblings pose as a wedding band and meet sexy Irish waitress Caitlin (Tara Lee). She joins Michael and Thor on their grand adventure and manages to stir both young men's hormones. Her seductions force the brothers to confront their fears and propel all three travellers towards a pivotal music performance at the prestigious Celtic Connections festival.