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Eat Locals

Every 50 years, a coven of British vampires meets to address any pressing matters and to debate the future of the bloodsucking hordes. The fanged fiends congregate in a quiet countryside farmhouse, where they are joined by sex-addled Essex lad Sebastian Crockett (Billy Cook). He believes he is meeting cougar Vanessa (Eve Myles) with a view to taking her to bed. In fact, she is a vampire, who wants to induct him into the council to replace one member, who has openly flouted rules about attacking young children. Other members of the council including Henry (Charlie Cox) and Ange (Freema Agyeman) veto Sebastian's promotion and suddenly he becomes the human buffet for the evening. Meanwhile, Special Forces vampire killers are poised to storm the farmhouse but the soldiers will quickly discover that they have badly underestimated their prey.