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Back to Burgundy

When the imperious owner (Eric Caravaca) of a famed Burgundy winery falls ill, his daughter Juliette (Ana Girardot) assumes control of the business with help from her younger brother Jeremie (Francois Civil), who has recently married in order to forge closer ties with one of the region's wealthiest wine-making families. Juliette and Jeremie are soon joined by eldest son Jean (Pio Marmai), who has been travelling for 10 years and has established his own winery on the other side of the world in Australia. With assistance from their father's business associate Marcel (Jean-Marc Roulot), the three siblings keep the business afloat. Jean's extended stay in France jeopardises his relationship with his wife and young son. Meanwhile, Juliette faces an uphill battle to assert herself in an industry dominated by opinionated men.