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The Untamed

Director Amat Escalante plays with madness in this dark and twisted sci-fi thriller, which surveys the devastating repercussions of pandering to your darkest desires. Angel (Jesus Meza) and his wife Alejandra (Ruth Ramos) have two children and a sex life that could be described, at best, as functional. The embers of desire have been extinguished and Angel fantasises instead about his wife's handsome brother Fabian (Eden Villavicencio), who is painfully aware of the homophobia simmering beneath the surface of their close-knit community. In order to spice up her sex life, Alejandra accepts an invitation from Fabian's new friend Veronica (Simone Bucio) to visit a shack in the woods. Inside, there lives a multi-tentacled beast from another world with the power to grant the most exquisite physical pleasure. Unfortunately, the creature can also unlock destructive cravings. As Alejandra experiences the creature's abilities, she sets in motion a devastating chain of events that threatens her marriage and the relationships of everyone around her.