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Final Portrait

Actor Stanley Tucci writes and directs this biographical drama set in 1964 Paris, which chronicles the trials and tribulations behind the scenes of the portrait that celebrated artist Alberto Giacometti completed before his death. American writer and art lover James Lord (Armie Hammer) is in the French capital at the behest of Giacometti (Geoffrey Rush) to sit for a portrait. Lord will only be in Paris for a few days and the artist assures him that the process will be complete by the time he leaves for the airport. Sitting nervously in Giacometti's studio, Lord is helpless to prevent the artist from repeatedly questioning his abilities. Each time Giacometti seems to be close to finishing the painting, he starts afresh, forcing Lord to cancel and rebook his flight home on several occasions. Stranded in Paris, at the mercy of an artist riddled with self-doubt, Lord is drawn into Giacometti's complex personal affairs. He witnesses the tug of war between Giacometti's wife Annette (Sylvie Testud) and prostitute muse Caroline (Clemence Poesy), as well as the soothing effect of Giacometti's brother Diego (Tony Shalhoub) on the troubled genius.