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Le Doulos

This newly restored 4K print of writer-director Jean-Pierre Melville's 1963 thriller is released as part of a season of films to mark the centenary of the influential film-maker's birth. Adapted from the novel by Pierre V Lesou, Le Doulos stars Serge Reggiani as burglar Maurice Faugel, who is released from prison after six years behind bars. Almost immediately, he takes violent revenge against Gilbert Varnove (Rene Lefevre), who killed Maurice girlfriend's Arlette to prevent her from becoming a snitch. With one enemy dead, Maurice continues to dole out rough justice for sins of the past while planning a daring robbery with two new accomplices, Remy (Philippe Nahon) and Silien (Jean-Paul Belmondo). Loyalty between thieves is blurred when evidence suggests Silien is an informant for the police. Nothing is quite as it seems and Maurice and Silien make shocking sacrifices to stay alive and protect the people they love.