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Land Of Mine

Director Martin Zandvliet's wartime drama was selected as Denmark's official nomination for this year's Oscars as Best Foreign Language Film but lost out on the night to The Salesman from Iran. Following the end of the Second World War and the liberation of Denmark in May 1945, Danish sergeant Carl Leopold Rasmussen (Roland Moller) is enlisted to oversee the removal of German landmines from the west coast of the country using young prisoners of war as his lambs to the slaughter. These terrified German boys include natural leader Sebastian Schumer (Louis Hoffmann), Helmut Morbach (Joel Basman), Wilhelm Hahn (Leon Seidel), Ernst Lessner (Emil Belton) and his twin brother Werner (Oskar Belton). Sergeant Rasmussen tells his charges that they will be allowed to return home in three months if they successfully clear six mines a day using their bare hands. Without any formal training or tools, the POWs crawl around the sand on their stomachs, nervously searching for the edge of each mine before they begin the perilous process of excavating the explosive.