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Adapted from the novel Wukong Biography by Jin Hezai, this Chinese fantasy adventure directed by Derek Kwok is an action-packed epic set 500 years before the reign of the Monkey King. Born in Huaguo Mountain with a heart of stone, Sun Wukong (Eddie Peng) is taken under the wing of wily mentor Bodhi. He hopes to empower his protege to evade the clutches of powerful general Ji Hua (Faye Yu), who wants to kill Wukong. Meanwhile, Jian Yang (Shawn Yue) intends to realise his destiny but to become a god, he must kill the object of his affections, who is the daughter of a rival to the Heaven Emperor. Sun Wukong and Jian Yang cross paths when they both enrol at the Heaven school. One of the other pupils is general Ji Hua's bodyguard Tian Peng (Oho Ou), who has been asked to worm his way into Wukong's inner circle.