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Hounds of Love

Australian writer-director Ben Young makes his feature film directorial debut with an unsettling horror thriller set in the late 1980s that lays bare the twisted bond between a pair of serial killers. John White (Stephen Curry) and his wife Evelyn (Emma Booth) are psychopaths with an abusive relationship that they feed by kidnapping and torturing schoolgirls. They go on the prowl for their next victim and select unsuspecting teenager Vicki Maloney (Ashleigh Cummings). Luring Vicki back to their home with the promise of weed, John and Evelyn proceed to spike the drink of their nubile prey. Poor Vicki regains consciousness chained to a bed, at the mercy of her captors. The youngster isn't powerless and she attempts to escape from John and Evelyn. With each passing day, Vicki witnesses the disturbing relationship between the killers and develops a better understanding of how she might turn John and Evelyn against each other.