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Appearances can be deadly and deceptive in the edgy psychological thriller Scribe, which marks the feature directorial debut of Thomas Kruithof, who co-wrote the script with Yann Gozlan. Mild-mannered bookkeeper Duval (Francois Cluzet) is at the mercy of a bullying boss and he seeks refuge in alcohol. Self-destruction is imminent but thankfully, with the help of AA, Duval manages to escape the icy grasp of his addiction. Unfortunately, sobriety comes at a price - he loses his job - and Duval attends an intriguing interview with the enigmatic Mr Clement (Denis Podalydes), who needs someone reliable to transcribe phone-tapped conversations. Desperate to earn money and keep himself afloat, Duval accepts the covert position and every day, he arrives at an empty apartment, where he uses a typewriter to document exchanges between unknown figures. When one of these recordings appears to include incriminating evidence of the murder of a Libyan businessman, Duval is plunged into a shadowy world of espionage. He navigates a perilous path between Mr Clement, his underling Gerfaut (Simon Abkarian) and a fearsome Secret Service operative called Major Labarthe (Sami Bouajila).