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David Lynch: The Art Life

David Lynch is one of the most distinctive filmmakers and artists working in America today. His first feature, the black and white surrealist fantasy Eraserhead, sharply divided critics and audiences, but it was his next film, The Elephant Man, which propelled him into the mainstream, collecting eight Oscar nominations including Best Picture and Best Director. He subsequently redefined the television landscape with Twin Peaks, which embraced weirdness with gusto and inspired a cult following. Narrated by Lynch, this revealing documentary co-directed by Rick Barnes, Olivia Neergaard-Holm and Jon Nguyen combines home movies, archive material and revealing fly-on-the-wall footage to chart Lynch's formative years, and explore how his childhood impacted on his creativity. The enigmatic subject rewards audiences with delicious anecdotes about his time behind the camera, and he ruminates on his anxieties and fears, which manifest in his work.