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Genocidal Organ (Gyakusatsu kikan)

Shuko Murase directs this grim dystopian animation, based on Project Itoh's spookily prescient 2006 novel. The year is 2022 and the world is still recovering from a nuclear bomb blast, which has completely destroyed the city of Sarajevo. Wealthy countries have united in the battle against war and terrorism by surrendering personal freedoms to ensure security. Thus, citizens are implanted with microchips to monitor their actions and ensure no one strays from the path of righteousness. Unfortunately, the least developed countries cannot afford the technology and they become a breeding ground for conflict and dissent. Captain Clavis Shepherd (voiced by Yuichi Nakamura) leads a team of assassins, who work on behalf of the US military to kill the perpetrators of violence. Their latest target is an American called John Paul (Takahiro Sakurai) and they intend to get close to their prey via an undercover operation to befriend John Paul's former mistress, Lucia (Sanae Kobayashi).