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The Last Word

Hollywood legend Shirley MacLaine delivers an eye-catching lead performance in director Mark Pellington's bittersweet comedy drama. Successful businesswoman Harriet Lauler (MacLaine) is used to taking control of every aspect of her life. After a disturbing meeting with her doctor, she marches into the office of the local newspaper and demands to speak to the resident obituary writer. Young scribe Anne Sherman (Amanda Seyfried) meets with Harriet and is informed by the businesswoman that she will be penning her obituary while Harriet is still alive, so she can ensure it is accurate and fair. Thus begins a haphazard road trip involving the two women, and an underprivileged African-American girl called Brenda (AnnJewel Lee Dixon), who strays into their orbit. In the process of creating a positive impression for Anne, Harriet confronts some of the ghosts of her past and she nervously rebuilds bridges to her estranged daughter, Elizabeth (Anne Heche).