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Nothing generates click rates quite like a video of an adorable cat, and film director Ceyda Torun indulges our feline fascination with this uplifting documentary set in modern day Istanbul, where hundreds of thousands of Turkish cats roam the city streets. Neither wild nor tame, these creatures wander in and out of people's lives, sometimes bringing together strangers on their prowls. Kedi celebrates the cats of Istanbul by following the day-to-day lives of a yellow-and-white tabby called Sari, a gentle grey-and-white called Suman, a flirtatious grey/brown tabby called Bengu, a long-haired black-and-white called Aslan Parcasi, a short-haired black-and-white called Gamsiz, the aptly named Psikopat, and an extremely sociable grey-and-white tabby called Deniz.