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Academy Award nominee Isabelle Huppert (Elle) headlines director Bavo Defurne's musical romance, which proposes love has a haunting melody that cannot be easily ignored. Liliane Cheverny (Huppert) was a singer on the edge of glory. She finished runner-up to ABBA in the Eurovision Song Contest and courted fame with her husband Tony Jones (Johan Leysen) managing her ascent. Once the relationship faltered, so too did Liliane's assault on the charts. Decades later, she has been reduced to working on the assembly line of a pate factory, trying to forget the triumphs of the past. When 21-year-old Jean (Kevin Azais) begins working at the factory, he recognises Liliane but she tries to convince him that he is mistaken. Jean gradually wears her down and convinces Liliane to appear at his boxing club and sprinkle some of her star quality over the occasion. Sparks of sexual attraction ignite Jean's desire to manage Liliane's musical comeback until Tony reappears and reopens old wounds that threaten to destroy all of Jean's heartfelt encouragement.