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Seasons In Quincy: The Four Portraits Of John Berger

In 1973, writer, painter and art critic John Berger moved to the tiny Alpine village of Quincy in the Haute-Savoie, where he vowed to document the slow decline of subsistence peasant farming through his work, including an acclaimed trilogy of novels entitled Into Their Labours. The Seasons In Quincy is a five-year project conceived by Tilda Swinton, Colin MacCabe and Christopher Roth, which comprises four short essay films (Ways Of Listening, Spring, A Song For Politics, Harvest) that reflect different aspects of Berger's life in south-eastern France. Created separately but shown together with a linking soundtrack composed by Simon Fisher Turner, The Seasons In Quincy combines motifs from Berger's own work to capture the ebb and flow of daily life in his mountain home.