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Destiny (Der Müde Tod)

A reissue of Fritz Lang's 1921 silent Expressionist fantasy, which contemplates if love really is stronger than death. A beautiful woman (Lil Dagover) and her sweetheart (Walter Janssen) are travelling through the countryside by carriage when they noticed a man (Bernhard Goetze) by the side of the road. They stop and offer the stranger a lift, unaware their travelling companion is in fact Death. When they arrive in town, the couple go about their business while Death visits the office of the mayor in order to buy a plot of land, which he subsequently surrounds with a wall. Following the will of God, Death takes the life of the woman's sweetheart and she is bereft, pleading with Death to return him to her. Moved by her plight, Death offers the beautiful woman a deal: if she can save one out of three lives that are currently on the verge of being extinguished, he will reunite her with her beloved in the land of the living.