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Berlin Syndrome

A one-night stand becomes a nightmarish ordeal for one unsuspecting young woman in director Cate Shortland's psychological thriller, adapted by screenwriter Shaun Grant from Melanie Joosten's novel of the same title. Young Australian tourist Clare (Teresa Palmer) is a keen photographer, who is backpacking around Germany, capturing images of the majestic architecture and local landscapes for her portfolio. As she treks around Berlin, Clare encounters a handsome and charming English teacher called Andi (Max Riemelt). The spark of attraction is instant and Clare heads back to his apartment for the night. The next morning she wakes to discover the front door is locked and she can't leave the apartment. Convinced that Andi has accidentally forgotten to leave her a key, Clare stays in the apartment until he returns when she discovers that her incarceration was no accident. Andi intends to keep her as his prisoner, even stealing the SIM card from her mobile phone so she is unable to call for help. Held hostage by a man, who thinks their living arrangement is completely normal, Clare must secretly plot her escape.