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Cultures clash and friendships ferment in John Goldschmidt's comedy drama set in the East End of London. Elderly Jewish baker Nat Dayan (Jonathan Pryce) presides over a kosher establishment, which he inherited from his father. Changing demographics in the neighbourhood have put a squeeze on profits and Nat is painfully aware that his son, Stephen (Daniel Caltagirone), would rather pursue law than leavening. So Nat hires a new apprentice, a teenage Muslim immigrant called Ayyash (Jerome Holder), who is the son of his cleaning woman. Until now, Nat has been making money by dealing pot and he accidentally drops some of his stash into a batch of the dough. Unexpectedly, customers can't get enough of the intoxicating bread and Nat's fortunes turn around with the addition of his apprentice's secret ingredient. However, local property developer Sam Cotton (Philip Davis) wants to get his hands on Nat's shop and drug dealer Victor (Ian Hart) feels aggrieved that Nat's moreish pot-laden bread is cutting into his profits.