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I Am Not Madame Bovary (Wo bu shi Pan Jin Lian)

A vengeful woman will stop at nothing to shame her ex-husband into action in director Feng Xiaogang's satire, adapted by Lin Zhenyun from his own novel. Li (Fan Bingbing) and her truck driver husband Qin (Li Zonghan) agree to a fake divorce to secure better housing. They plan to remarry once they have moved up the accommodation ladder. However, Qin has other plans and he marries another woman instead, leaving Li feeling deeply betrayed. She goes to court to demand that the original divorce be invalidated so that she can remarry then divorce Qin properly. This plan requires Qin to publicly admit his deception but he refuses and instead brands his ex-wife "Madame Bovary", which is a heinous slur. She retaliates by seeking audiences with various government officials in the hope that one of them will be sympathetic to her cause.