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A law student exacts his own justice in writer-director Christopher Smith's gritty thriller. Los Angeles-based student Harper (Tye Sheridan) is devastated when his mother is involved in a car accident and slips into a coma. The young man blames his powerful stepfather Vincent (Stephen Moyer) and plots revenge. One evening, drinking in a bar, Harper drunkenly shares his sad story with professional criminal Johnny Ray (Emory Cohen), who offers to kill Vincent for the princely sum of 20,000 US dollars. The following morning, Vincent arrives with his girlfriend Cherry (Bel Powley) and they take Harper to Las Vegas to witness them carry out the hit. However, Harper neglects to tell Johnny Ray that he has already engineered his own plan of action and Vincent is a dead man walking. Unable to wriggle free of the deal, Harper must keep his complicity hidden from Johnny Ray as he attempts to escape from the career criminal with Cherry in tow.