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Teenage misfits search for meaning and direction in their lives in writer-director Alex Taylor's debut feature, which was shot on location in Guildford and surrounding areas. Lucidia (Alexa Davies) is haunted by the suspicious death of her mother when she was seven-years-old. The bereavement profoundly affected her father, Gabriel (Antti Reini), an archaeologist whose, who fixates on digging in the nearby woods. Lucidia vanishes into thin air and her boyfriend Luke (Lucian Charles Collier) boldly proclaims that she has been abducted by extra-terrestrials. Many of the other misfits including blue-haired Alice (Tallulah Haddon) are jealous that Lucidia might have been spirited away from planet Earth. The disappearance jolts Gabriel out of his fug and he reconnects with the real world, forging a strange yet tender friendship with Lucidia's friend Tegan (Lara Peake), who bears an uncanny resemblance to his late wife.