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Inversion (Varoonegi)

Niloofar (Sahar Dowlatshahi) owns a tailoring shop in Tehran, which employs about a dozen workers. Every night, she returns home to care for her elderly mother, Mahin (Shirin Yazdanbakhsh), whose pulmonary disease prevents her from walking around the pollution-clogged city streets. The older woman is stubborn, however, and refuses to be consigned to the apartment. She defies the orders of her doctors and heads out into the capital where the toxic air leads to her dramatic collapse. Mahin is rushed to hospital where medics tell her she must leave Tehran for the cleaner air of the countryside. Mahin agrees to move up north and it is decided that Niloofar will travel with her mother, abandoning the business she has built up over the past decade. The daughter slowly realises her independence is an illusion and she has scant control over her life. To underscore her misery, Niloofar's brother Farhad (Ali Mosaffa) rents out her shop to pay off his debts, erasing all memory of the tailoring business.