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Celebrated writer-director Francois Ozon remakes Ernst Lubitsch's drama Broken Lullaby, employing black and white photography for scenes set before the First World War. In Quedlinburg, Germany, Dr Hans Hoffmeister (Ernst Stotzner) and his wife Magda (Marie Gruber) are devastated by the death of their son Frantz (Anton von Lucke) during the conflict. A year passes but their grief does not ease and they glean some comfort from the presence of their late son's fiancee Anna (Paula Beer), who was devoted to their boy. During a visit to Frantz's grave, Anna meets a Frenchman called Adrien (Pierre Niney), who claims to have been a friend of Frantz in Paris before the war. Desperate to cling onto memories of her beloved, Anna invites Adrien to meet the Hoffmeisters and share his stories with them but the parents, especially Hans, are opposed to fraternising with a Frenchman.