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Lost in London

In January this year, actor Woody Harrelson made his feature film directorial debut with a daring experiment: a fast-paced comedy shot live in a single take at 2am one Friday night on the streets of London and broadcast simultaneously to hundreds of cinemas around the UK. Employing a central cast of 30 actors and hundreds of extras, as well as the technical expertise of cinematographer Nigel Willoughby and cameraman Jon Hembrough, Lost In London unfolded - miraculously - without obvious hitches. Relive Harrelson's tightrope act as he portrays a fictionalised version of himself, weathering poor reviews for his performances on the London stage and gaudy tabloid headlines about his behaviour that spark an argument with his wife, Laura (Eleanor Matsuura). Harrelson is determined to drown his sorrows, so he heads to a club with his buddy Owen Wilson (playing himself) where both actors trade barbs and chisel deep holes in their supposedly rock-solid friendship.