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A middle-aged doctor's infatuation with a teenage patient spirals out of control in director Argyris Papadimitropoulos' unsettling character study. Fortysomething doctor Kostis (Makis Papadimitriou) moves to the Greek island of Antiparos to become the community's new medic. Outside of the holiday season, the island boasts around 800 residents, so Kostis won't be run off his feet. However, at the height of summer, hundreds of sun-seeking tourists flock to Antiparos for wild, drunken nights of fun. One day, 21-year-old visitor Anna (Elli Tringou) arrives in Kostis' clinic for treatment, flanked by her pals Alin (Hara Kotsali), Jason (Dimi Hart), Mila (Milou Van Groesen) and Morten (Marcus Collen). Her nubile skin sparks desire in Kostis and he begins to stalk Anna and her friends, offering to buy them drinks one night so he can be close to the object of his desire. As his obsession deepens, Kostis' inappropriate behaviour jeopardises his position on the island.