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Filmed on location in Los Angeles, Lowriders is a drama which explores the dynamics of a fractured family who are heavily involved in the culture of customising classic cars. Recovering alcoholic Miguel (Demian Bichir) runs a car repair business - Alvarez & Sons Motors - which he hopes to pass on to his boy Danny (Gabriel Chavarria). Unfortunately, the lad is more interested in expressing himself through street art accompanied by his good friend Chuy (Tony Revolori). The two young men are arrested by police for graffiti and Miguel insists that Danny must pay off his fine by working in the garage. Soon after, Danny's older brother Francisco aka Ghost (Theo Rossi) is released from prison and resumes a war of attrition against his father and new stepmother Gloria (Eva Longoria). Ghost attempts to turn Danny against the old man by asking his younger brother to paint his street art on the bonnets of a rival car club. Danny is torn between his father and his brother, and fissures reappear in the family dynamic, which intensify when a photographer called Lorelai (Melissa Benoist) promises to introduce Danny to her friends in the art world.