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Heal the Living

Adapted from Maylis de Kerangal's novel, Heal The Living is a tender and contemplative French drama about a teenager and a middle-aged woman, who are unexpectedly linked by tragedy. Simon (Gabin Verdet) loves to ride the surf with his pals and they head out early one morning to catch the best waves. On the way home, the young men are involved in a head-on collision and Simon is thrown through the windscreen. The lad's mother Marianne (Emmanuelle Seigner) and her estranged husband Vincent (Kool Shen) rush to the hospital where surgeon Pierre Revol (Bouli Lanners) delivers devastating news: their beautiful boy is brain dead and is being kept alive by machines. Organ donation consultant Thomas Remige (Tahar Rahim) speaks to the traumatised parents about the possibility of harvesting Simon's organs to help other patients. Marianne and Vincent eventually agree and across the country, talented musician Claire (Anne Dorval) receives a telephone call to let her know that medics may have found a replacement for her failing heart.