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The Transfiguration

Following the death of his mother, a young boy called Milo (Eric Ruffin) retreats into his own world in the rundown New York apartment he shares with his older brother, Lewis (Aaron Clifton Moten). The younger sibling is fascinated by vampire culture, studying the folklore as well as devouring every film and TV show that glamorises the fanged fiends. Such is Milo's obsession with the creatures of the night, he convinces himself that he is a vampire and he sates his bloodlust by feeding on unsuspecting victims. In the midst of this isolation, Milo encounters a girl called Sophie (Chloe Levine), who has just moved into the predominantly black neighbourhood with her grandfather. Like Milo, she is a loner and he catches her self-harming as an escape from the pain of her past. Drawn together by their shared sense of alienation, Milo and Sophie sow the seeds of a tender friendship but his hunger for fresh meat jeopardises the fledgling relationship.