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Ted Sieger's Molly Monster

A little monster learns the power of family in this colourful animation for pre-school children co-directed by Ted Sieger, Michael Ekbladh and Matthias Bruhn. In Monsterland, raising a family is simple. Baby monsters only hatch on Egg Island, so expectant parents make the long journey to the breeding ground where mothers lay their eggs and fathers keep the brood warm until it is time for them to hatch. Molly Monster (voiced by Sophie Rois) learns that she will soon be welcoming a baby brother or sister. However, she is too young to make the journey to Egg Island with her father (Klaus Dieter-Klebsch) and mother (Judy Winter). Upset that she cannot be with her parents for this momentous occasion, Molly Monster collects her best friend and toy, Edison (Jay Simon), and embarks on an adventure of her own to prove she has the makings of an excellent big sister.