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Finding Fatimah

Shahid (Danny Ashok) is a proud Muslim living in Manchester, who is reluctant to disclose to potential dates that he is divorced. A failed relationship to his ex-wife Fiza (Zoe Iqbal) is a badge of shame and when Shahid does tell the truth, women run in the opposite direction. So he invests all of his time outside of work in stand-up comedy and wins through to the final stages of a Muslims With Talent televised contest. Best friend and workmate Nav (Wahab Sheikh) helps Shahid to sift through potential matches on an online dating site and one of the women he chooses is doctor Fatimah (Asmara Gabrielle), who has anger management problems and cannot abide people who tell lies. Shahid hits it off instantly with Fatimah and neglects to disclose his divorced status. As the relationship deepens and Shahid realises he has fallen in love with Fatimah, he must find the right time to tell her about his past before her suspicious best friend Nayna (Mandeep Dhillon) discovers the truth.