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Cezanne et moi (Cezanne and I)

Director Daniele Thompson charts the fractious relationship between two cultural titans in this French biographical drama. Writer Emile Zola (Guillaume Canet) is born into poverty and as a schoolboy, he is taken under the wing of wealthy and charismatic classmate, Paul Cezanne (Guillaume Gallienne). Over the years, their celebrity blossoms and, by 1888, Zola is a world-famous author, living in Medan, while Cezanne is beginning to establish himself as a Post-Impressionist painter. Both men are entrenched in the rivalries and decadence of the late 19th-century Parisian art world. As the trajectories of their careers alter, lifelong friendship is tested by competitiveness and jealousy. When Zola publishes his novel L'Oeuvre, which contains a derisory, thinly veiled depiction of Cezanne, the bonds of brotherhood are strained beyond repair.