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A Dark Song

Liam Gavin's directorial debut is an unsettling horror thriller, which unfolds almost entirely within the claustrophobic confines of a remote house in the Welsh countryside. The film's dramatic fulcrum is grief-stricken mother Sophia (Catherine Walker), who is maintaining only the faintest grasp on her sanity in the aftermath of her young son's untimely demise. Unable to achieve closure, she takes the orthodox step of hiring an occultist called Solomon (Steve Oram) to conduct an ancient ritual that will allow her to make contact with her beloved boy. Locked away for six months inside the house to complete the ceremony, Solomon makes clear from the outset the inherent dangers of the ritual: neither of them can leave the house, and if they fail to carry out each step properly, they run the risk of opening a doorway to dark, malevolent forces. Unperturbed, Sophia urges Solomon to begin and they embark on a harrowing journey into the unknown that pushes them both to the brink of mental and physical exhaustion.