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The Happiest Day In The Life Of Olli Maki

Director Juho Kuosmanen's award-winning debut feature relives a moment of sporting history in 1960s Finland in lustrous black and white. Olli Maki (Jarkko Lahti) is a talented boxer, who is head over heels in love with the beautiful Raija (Oona Airola). He has a carefree attitude to life in stark contrast with his publicity-seeking manager, Elis (Eero Milonoff), who is determined to put his country on the sporting map by orchestrating a historic fight in Helsinki between Olli and the bantamweight champion of the world, American boxer Davey Moore (John Bosco Jr). In order to train for the high profile bout, Olli has to bid farewell to his sweetheart, and the responsibility of representing his country in the ring weighs heavily. He struggles to slim down for the weigh in while manager Elis continues to talk up the fight in order to attract backers from around the world.